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Throughout the Years

July 19th, 2019

Ten years Venue at the Grove has been in business… Can you believe it?! Sometimes we are still in awe that it has been ten years!

The last ten years have been a whirlwind of growth and excitement. Running a wedding venue and wedding company can be stressful at times with the late nights and long weekend. To us, there are two things that totally make it worth it each and every day.

Photo Courtesy of Brittany Janelle Photography (2011 Wedding)

Our couples.

Throughout the years it has been all about our couples. We are so lucky that we have had the opportunity to plan unforgettable wedding days for such lovely people who truly are a joy to work with.

Photos Courtesy of Jen Jenkins Photography (2018 Wedding)

Of course, over the years trends have changed, styles have evolved and our venue has received some breathtaking renovations. Even with these changes our purpose and values have always stayed true. Who has kept our values and purpose consistent throughout all these years?

Our team.

Venue at the Grove has been honored to have the pleasure of having team members who truly live out the values and purpose every single day. Our team has a passion for building strong relationships and seeing an event come to life.

Photo Courtesy of La Bella Vita Photography

Without our amazing couples and professional team, Venue at the Grove would not be where it is today. So to all who have touched the venue at some point in these last ten years, thank you!

Now let’s cheers to another ten!