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To Love and To Theme featured image

To Love and To Theme

February 28th, 2024

Weddings are themed to be about love and starting a new adventure with your special someone! Planning for these weddings can be exciting by making the process a fun game to find items that will tie everything together. Theming can have a wide range and can vary from, colors, seasons, phrases, attire, and even something as simple as a favorite movie. Below we have included some of our past couples and the creative themes they chose to base their weddings around!

Our Adventure Begins🎈

*Cue the waterworks* 

Our first couple began their married life by theming their wedding to the beloved movie “UP”. We begin with their details on their welcome table. They had a jenga guest book that when signed will fit perfectly in their Carl & Ellie themed mailbox! This is a charming and interactive way to get your guests to leave a message for your special day.

They also themed their wedding outfits to the Pixar couple. Our lovely bride did an amazing job by styling her hair to match the color of Ellies’. To seal the deal the groom made his suit match Carls’ all the way down to the bow tie!

The icing on the cake goes to.. well of course their perfectly themed cake! They added a lovely touch from the classic “It’s a Small World” ride. This was one of the most magical weddings and we are so happy they got to incorporate their love for Disney into their special day!


Spanish Elegance🏵️

Our next couple incorporated their hispanic heritage into a beautiful and colorful wedding. They had everything to tie this together from the white banderines all the way to the beautiful welcome sign! 

For their reception tables they had some authentic coasters made to serve as party favors for their guests. These alongside the name plate and royal blue napkin served for perfect reception table photos with the white lace table runner as the background!

Our cakery and florist partner did an amazing job with their gorgeous wedding cake! They made an intricate hand piped design onto the cake that worked wonderfully with the orange and red carnation flowers. To “top” it off the clever and unique cake topper! Definitely one of the highlights of their wedding night and was a great detail that made for an unforgettable cake!



Meet Us Under the Stars✨

Our final couple chose to theme their wedding based on the classic phrase “Meet me under the stars. They did such an amazing job with the attention to detail they even had our gorgeous wrapped pecan trees in the back to appear as stars in their photos!

This couple followed their theme by sticking to a color scheme and incorporating it to everything to execute the night. This couple cleverly selected “Sky Blue” and “Midnight Blue”  to add the subtle nod. Along each table they included long strips of Baby’s breath to resemble the illusion of clouds and added a Custom constellations match box for every guest to take home! 

To dance the night away they rented a luxurious light canopy to create the illusion of dining under the stars. This was definitely a night to remember for our happy couple!

There are plenty of more possibilities and ideas for themes on your special day! Are you and your fiance going to do a themed wedding?


Written by: Stephanie Silerio