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To Trash or To Treasure? featured image

To Trash or To Treasure?

October 1st, 2012

A while back a new tradition among newly-wed brides began, the Trash the Dress photo shoot. You’ve seen them—the beautifully edgy photos that show a woman in her wedding dress, swimming in the ocean. They make you think to yourself “Wow that’s so cool!” while at the same time wondering “Why would you want to ruin your wedding dress!”. Now personally, I am torn. The photos are always so incredible, but do you really want to destroy your wedding dress?

Whether or not your dress would be completely ruined really depends on the activity you choose, as well as the fiber of your dress. Dresses that are 100% polyester will hold up against water, grass stains, even WATER-based paints after a trip to a good wedding dress cleaner (I repeat WEDDING DRESS CLEANER- not your local laundromat). Dresses that are made of more natural fibers such as silk, cotton, or linen may not fair so well, 100% silk dresses being the most difficult to clean or un-wrinkle.


The choice of to trash the dress or treasure the dress is ultimately up to you. What is more important in your eyes- Having artistic images of you and your husband in unfamiliar places, or having your wedding dress in tact forever (or at least until you pass it down to a daughter maybe.)?

Would YOU risk ruining your dress for images like these?

* Images found on Pinterest.com