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Top 4 “Trendy” Wedding Registry Ideas featured image

Top 4 “Trendy” Wedding Registry Ideas

October 1st, 2016


Even in today’s day and age when many couples live together before getting married, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t register for gifts. Your guests want to give you a gift, so better to register for something you want, then leave them guessing. With internet technology, couples these days have some really awesome options for their registry. These options make registering easy for you, and easy for your guests to navigate.


Two words: universal registry. Amazon has everything you will ever want or need. . . from toothbrushes to camping equipment and everything in between, this is a one stop shop for the perfect registry. Plus most guests probably have an Amazon account, making it even easier for them to access your registry and order from it.


With a Zola registry, you can create a list of gifts, experiences, and funds from any store all in one place. It’s basically a personalized website where you can create a custom URL, upload your photos, and leave notes for guests. This is a great option if you’d like to include experiences or honeymoon funds on your registry.


“Designer goods for less” is their motto, and we have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Target. This retail giant makes it easy for you and your guests to access your registry from both in store and online. You’ll also get a 15% completion offer to use in store and online for those last few gifts on your list.


NewlyWish is a registry that combines their list of suggested products, experiences, and honeymoon excursions with offsite products. That means you can pick and choose items from different retailers and still register for the funds to go on your dream getaway. After the big day you’ll get 10% off any remaining gifts, and will also enjoy unique discounts from NewlyWish’s partners, like Squarespace and Appy Couple.