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Top 5 Reasons to Change for Your Reception featured image

Top 5 Reasons to Change for Your Reception

August 19th, 2015

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One wedding trend we are beginning to see more and more of is a wardrobe change for both the bride and the groom for the reception. Years ago this idea began, and was typically only performed by celebrities, but these days, we are seeing more and more couples join the second outfit club.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider changing after your vows and before the party.

  1. Wow Factor. When you make your grand entrance as husband and wife into the reception glammed up in different attire, guests will be awestruck.
  2. Fashion Forward. If you and your groom chose traditional attire for the ceremony, then go all out and pick something fashion forward to wear for the reception.
  3. Get Your Dance On. Let’s face it. . . many bridal gowns and stuffy tuxes are not suitable for boogying on the dance floor. Why not choose a short reception dress and loose the tux jacket and tie for something a little easier to keep the party going on the dance floor.
  4. Pictures. You’ll get loads of ceremony pictures and bridal portraits in your formal attire, wouldn’t it be fun to have photos in a different outfit as well?
  5. Be Comfortable. This is probably the most important one. The ceremony is the time to be serious, but once the reception rolls around, you’ll want to be comfortable so that you can enjoy sitting, eating, and socializing. The traditional attire looks gorgeous but is often not very comfortable. So pick something you can easily wear and celebrate in!

What do you think? Would you consider changing into different attire for your reception?