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Unique Guest Book Ideas featured image

Unique Guest Book Ideas

May 23rd, 2022

If you are planning your wedding, you are probably wondering what type of guest book to get for your big day. It can be tricky to think of something that is unique and fun for guests. Well, let us share some ideas of what we have seen in the past to strike some inspiration! 

 Wine bottles 

We absolutely love this idea for a guest book! How fun and creative is it to have guests sign wine bottles commemorating special milestones in your life! The concept behind this is that guests sign a bottle and you and your future husband or wife open it on a special occasion, such as your first anniversary!

Heart in the Frame

This guest book idea is memorable and sweet! With this approach, guests sign a heart and drop it into a frame for the couple to keep and look back on. What a simple and timeless way to remember your loved ones who were there on your special day!

Bench Guestbook

Imagine your guests signing a bench with advice, a memory, or well wishes! This idea is a unique option for guests to leave their well wishes for you to look back on and doubles as a piece of furniture for you and your new spouse! What’s better than that?

Polaroid Guest Book

Have your guests snap a photo with the polaroid camera, sign it, and stick it in your guest book! This is an interactive way for guests to sign your book and it creates lasting memories through photographs. Besides, everyone loves polaroids!