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Unity Ceremony – What is it and how do I incorporate it into my big day? featured image

Unity Ceremony – What is it and how do I incorporate it into my big day?

July 6th, 2021

Unity ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, and many couples ask ‘what is a unity ceremony’? A unity ceremony occurs during your wedding ceremony, and it is symbolic of two coming together as one. It also provides you with a special keepsake from your big day! The traditional unity ceremony involves the candle: each person has a lit candle and they come together to light one candle in unison. Couples now are getting more creative with their unity ceremonies! Below are some fun ways that couples are unifying their love.


Sand ceremony: This has become the most popular unity ceremony that we have experienced. Each person has a different color of sand in a jar. During the ceremony, the couple alternates pouring the sand into a larger jar to symbolize the two coming together as one and never being separated. It is symbolic of your love, and it also gives you something to display in your house as decoration. Pro tip: use sand colors that match the theme of your home so your love will blend right in with the rest of your decor!


Time capsule: Time capsules have become more of a trend in 2021. They are a wonderful way to preserve moments from your ceremony and items from before your marriage. During the ceremony, the couple will place all of the items in a box. They will then place a lock on the box and will open it back up 1, 3, 5 or more years down the road on their anniversary!

So what do couples put in a time capsule? Here’s a list of ideas for your capsule:

  • Wedding invitation, program, favor or other items to remember your big day
  • A list of songs from your reception
  • Pictures of yourselves, pets, or any other significant items to you 
  • Love notes to each other to read on your anniversary
  • Bottle of wine or your favorite drink (when you open your capsule later, you will be able to share a glass of your favorite beverage)

Food: What goes better together than peanut butter & jelly, chips & salsa, cookies & milk?! If you and your fiance are foodies, this is such a unique and fun way to incorporate a fun side into your wedding ceremony. Simply put the two foods together, feed each other in unison, and celebrate a lifetime of love and happiness!