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Wedding Day Emergency Kit List featured image

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

April 15th, 2015



I hear the music begin and send the first member of the bridal party down the aisle, and then the next. All of a sudden I hear someone say, “uh-oh.” (Something you never want to hear when the bridal party has already begun walking down the aisle). It seems the bride has a loose thread in the hem of her dress that is snagging on her heal. Before I can even go to our supply closet to get a pair of scissors, the bride’s trusty maid of honor had an emergency kit whipped out with scissors in hand, taking care of business. And from that moment on, I made sure to remind every couple to have a wedding day emergency kit.

Here at Venue at the Grove, we strive to be sure your wedding day is seamless. We want to be sure that you have the best possible wedding day experience. That being said, sometimes there are things that pop up and can easily be fixed with something from a wedding day emergency kit. Here’s what I recommend you including in your kit.

Food (It’s always good to keep the ENTIRE wedding party fed and hydrated)

  • Granola bar
    Trail mix

Hygiene (These are obvious items to be sure the bridal party stays fresh and clean)

  • Deodorant
    Tooth brush
    Mouth wash
    Face wipes
    Baby powder
    Feminine hygiene products

Beauty (Many of these items are obvious as well. I especially like the blotting papers to use for post ceremony pictures to be sure you don’t look oily)

  • Hair spray
    Dry shampoo
    Bobby pins
    Nail file/clippers
    Blotting paper

First Aid (You never know when one is going to have a queasy tummy, bug bite, or red eyes from allergies)

  • Band aids
    Bug spray
    Eye drops

Miscellaneous (I can’t tell you how many times I get asked for a pen to sign the marriage certificate, or to write a check for a vendor. . . even when one has already been packed. Pack an extra pen or two just in case. Also, be sure bridal party members use straws to drink to keep lipstick fresh. And lastly, in a real pinch, chalk can cover up grease stains on a white dress)

  • Scissors
    Double stick tape
    Safety pins
    A nice pen
    Sewing kit
    Stain pen

Wishing you an EMERGENCY free wedding day!