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Wedding Favors your Guests will Want to Take Home featured image

Wedding Favors your Guests will Want to Take Home

April 7th, 2022

Searching for a way to thank your wedding guests? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular and creative wedding favors that will leave your guests feeling extra appreciated! 


Blankets are perfect for a winter wedding! We’ve all heard the saying “to have and to hold”, but what about adding “in case you get cold”?! Believe it or not, it does get cold in the desert when the sun sets. Incorporating blankets for your guests is a great way to keep them around the party for a bit longer AND gives them an extra functional decor piece for their living room!


Dog Treats

For all of our fellow “dog parents” out there, dog teats are a great way to incorporate your furry friends into your big day! If you’re really creative, you can make homemade biscuits and give your guests the recipe for them. Fido will be thanking his owner (and you!) later.

Scratch Ticket

Are you feeling lucky? Or really, are your guests feeling lucky? With a lottery scratch ticket, everyone’s a winner! Use a phrase such as “for richer or for poorer” or “lucky in love”! It’s a great way to keep your guests entertained and give them the luck of the draw. 

Plants and Seeds

Signify the next chapter in your lives with giving your guests seeds that they can plant at home and quite literally watch your love grow! Seeds are an interactive way to give your guests a constant reminder of how thankful you are that they were able to celebrate your love with you. Another staple Arizona favor is succulents. Succulents and greens are a great way to add extra decor to your reception tables. They act as subtle centerpieces, and your tables will be bursting with beautiful live plants.