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Wedding Ideas by Rheanna Evaro

July 16th, 2010

A close friend of mine was recently married; I was extremely honored to be apart of her special day.  I found that many of their ideas, from the wedding favors to the bouquets, were very creative and unique.

One thing that I especially liked was how the centerpieces were presented.  They had gathered different wedding pictures of couples from close friends and family and placed a different photo at each table. This detail that was added to the centerpieces made the reception much more intimate and personal.

Another idea that I had not seen before was what they had done for their wedding favors. They had made, what they called “Lollicakes” also known as “Cake Pops”. These were a very fun idea and seemed very simple to make, and were also very delicious. For instructions on how to make these scrumptious bite size cakes, click on the link below.


Lastly, another idea they had that I was very impressed by was what they had done with the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Instead of the usual flower bouquets you see, they had created pinwheel bouquets. This idea made for a very beautiful and unique alternative to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet. They also incorporated this idea for the groomsmen boutonnieres. For instructions on how to create these pinwheel bouquets, click on the link below.