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Wedding Rings 101 featured image

Wedding Rings 101

April 24th, 2013

There is some evidence to suggest that the first wedding rings used by ancient peoples were actually ropes that held a woman as property. Now,  they are better known for symbolizing eternal love and the promise of companionship. The engagement ring better represents a man’s love for his bride, while the wedding bands symbolizes the never ending commitment they have made to each other.


Gentlemen-  It has become quite common to shop for an engagement ring with your soon to be fiancé, but if you are going the traditional route  and want to give your woman a lovely surprise by picking out a ring yourself, here are some helpful tips:

  • Pay attention- Pay attention to what she wears on a daily wears and what she desires. To get clearer picture, you can also ask her friends and relatives who may be in a condition to tell you her taste and preferences.
  • What kind of metal does she like to wear- does her jewelry collection consist of mostly silvers or golds, does she gravitate towards modern or vintage designs?
  • Take a hint- Sometimes a woman also gives hint to you when the wedding comes nearer. She may comment on her likes and dislikes, point out “her dream ring” in a magazine, etc… Remember these hints! She most likely is not just trying to make conversation.

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Top 2013 Trends- The latest tweaks on tradition include cool cuts, intricate settings, dazzlingly different tints and modern styles.

Emerald cut, oval cut, and pear cut have become increasing popular, and are a unique twist to the traditional round or princess cut stones. Double Halo and East-West settings have been making a bold statement. Mixed metals, rose gold and white gold especially, are also in high demand!


There is so much excitement, sometimes pressure, and decisions associated with the wedding rings. But remember, no matter which ring ends up on your finger it still symbolize the same thing, your eternal love… And to think it all began with a little bit of rope!