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Welcoming Your Out of Towners

May 7th, 2014


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One piece of information we always like to give couples thinking about getting married at Venue at the Grove, is our preferred pricing with The Legacy Resort. Located just 5 miles from Venue at the Grove, it is a great option for your out of town guests. Since many people are not “native” to the Phoenix area, most couples have a large group of out of town guests staying to celebrate their nuptials. Whether these guests have traveled several hours, or half way across the world, having a welcome bag in their hotel room is the perfect way to start your wedding festivities!

Here are a couple of essentials items to include in your welcome to Phoenix bag, to make guests feel a little more at home:

~ Welcome Note and Schedule. Add a personal note and schedule of festivities such as rehearsal time, as well as any important addresses and phone numbers.

~ Water Bottles. Let’s face it, it’s hot, and most people drink filtered water here anyway, so including a few water bottles is a great way for guests to stay hydrated.

~ Sunscreen. Even if your guests are from sunny California, the sun here is different. Help them keep from getting burnt.

~ Lotion/Chapstick. The desert air here can be very dry. Add a small bottle of yummy smelling lotion or chapstick.

~ Tylenol/Advil. Whether it’s a heat headache, or they have a little too much fun at your reception, guests will appreciate a few pain relieve tablets.

~ Snacks. Go to Costco and load up on small packages of snacks, like trail mix to add to your bag.

~ Local Map. Having a local map where important places are highlighted or marked (venue, hotel, rehearsal dinner, fun things to do in Phoenix), will help guests navigate the valley.

~ Things To Do. If you don’t want to put a marked map in your bag, perhaps just add a list of fun things to do around town.

~ Postcard. Something fun for your guests to fill out and send to friends or family back home.

Now, your budget may not allow for ALL of these items in your welcome bag, and that’s ok! Even just a welcome note thanking your guests for coming and including important events, times, and addresses will make them feel welcome and a little more at home!