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31 Aug

Bridesmaid Proposal

Did you know long ago the purpose of bridesmaids were decoys? In Medieval times, bridesmaids were sent down the aisle before the bride to ward off evil spirits. Now that’s romantic, isn’t it? In today’s world, your bridal party, is typically made up of family members or friends that are going to stand up next […]

15 Aug

Top 12 Wedding Inspiration Blogs

Can I confess something. . . . I am SO glad Pinterest was not around 9 years ago when I got married! For all of you currently planning your wedding, are you using Pinterest? I personally think I would have been so overwhelmed, and I also think there really is such a thing as too […]

11 Aug

Ditch The Typical Evening Wedding For Something More Unique

When you think of a typical wedding ceremony and reception, you probably think of an evening affair. A delicious dinner, open bar, and packed dancefloor. . . am I right? Did you know there is a new wedding trend that’s going to shake this whole perception up? Have you ever considered a morning wedding followed […]