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30 Sep

Thank You Card Inspiration

Depending on your personality, sending thank you notes to your wedding guests may or may not be a priority. Etiquette says that you have up to a year after your wedding to send thank you notes out. In this day and age however, most wedding gifts are delivered before the wedding, which means thank you […]

25 Sep

Top 10 Untraditional Wedding Cakes

Last weekend we celebrated my son’s 5th birthday, and in lieu of a traditional birthday cake, I made a 3-tired rice krispy candy cake. Oh. My. Goodness. Not only was it delicious, I got SO many comments about how unique it was. It got me thinking about wedding cakes. Although traditionally the wedding cake was […]

14 Sep

11 Stunning Welcome Signs

As you, your groom, and your bridal party are hidden away in the moments before your wedding ceremony, your guests will be arriving. Usually when hosting a party, you would be there to greet your guests, say hello, and thank them for coming. However in this instance, you can’t. Instead why not have a “welcome” […]